Mental Wellness Days 2022

November 2 & 3, 2022 | ONLINE

Spend two intensive days with Czech and foreign specialists in psychology, personal growth, and mindfulness. Support your mental resilience and get inspired by experts in their fields.

700+ participants

11 themed talks

Over 11 hours of inspiration

We are sorry, the tickets are no longer available.

This year's topic: A little bit better

The pandemic. War. Financial and energy crises. Such situations and experiences put our mental resilience to the test, as well as life itself and all it entails.

In times like these, every little thing counts. Being able to pay attention to everyday joyful moments, complimenting yourself and others, asking for help or pausing for a minute to realize what it is that we need. In a nutshell, having your mental health in your hands. After all, you can feel a little bit better.

A bit of inspiration from last year?

Some people think we are natural hedonists, seeking pleasure and avoiding pain. But what about our appetites for spicy foods, hot baths or horror movies? How can we explain our choices to suffer voluntarily? Enjoy the speech from a renowned scientist and award-winning author with an international reputation.

Suffering & Happiness

Dr. Paul Bloom

Who is the event intended for?

#MWDAYS2022 is intended for the general public - anyone interested in improving their mental health, personal development, or seeking inspiration, new knowledge, and practical experience.

It is also extremely beneficial to the owners, managers, and HR partners of Czech and international companies who place a high value on the mental health of their employees.

Most of the talks will be in the Czech language.

Previous years testimonials

Excellent organization, very professional execution. Everything was on time and there were a lot of lectures with healthy breaks in between. In short, the conference was prepared with professionalism and love. Thank you very much.
I enjoyed the naturalness with which the topics were presented and the effort to avoid "science-language". Some of the topics were new to me and as an HR and management professional, I appreciated them greatly. They may not directly affect me, but they do affect my surroundings.
What did I like the most? Everything was perfect from the lectures and speakers to the form. I need to applaud! It was my first time attending and I don't regret it, it definitely won't be my last.

Event is organized by Soulmio

SDGs Awards 2022 finalist

in the 'Education, health and quality life' category, organized by The Association of Social Responsibility.

Startup Awards 2022 finalist

in the 'The most popular startup of the year' category, organized by CzechCrunch. The most significant event in the startup field.

Inovators 2020

1 out of 20 creative and inspirational projects that contributed on changing the Czech Republic and the world in 2020.

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