Speakers: Mental Wellness Days 2022

It's time to get excited! You will gain knowledge and inspiration from Czech and international experts in psychology, personal development and mindfulness.

Jared Finkelstein

Certified Trainer with the Center for Nonviolent Communication, CNVC.org

Jared believes that in a connected world what’s essential is the quality of our connection. As a consultant and trainer he specializes in supporting people and communities to make choices that transform separation and misunderstanding into connection and collaboration.Jared currently resides in Berkeley, California, where he spends his time scheduling workshops, practice groups, residential retreats and consultations with individuals and organizations. When he is not busy with all this, he daydreams ways of popularizing complex ideas into simple packages for general consumption, and plays role-playing games with his friends.

Cristina Muntean

CEO and founder of VORNICA®

Cristina's company mission is to triple the number of women CEOs in Europe by 2030. A former business journalist turned people and organization developer, Cristina works with female leaders from across Europe on the essential questions of our times, from how to avoid burnout, experience more purpose at work and achieve life-work integration, to how to manage our reputation strategically, how to engage all stakeholders in complex business ecosystems, how to close the ever-widening digital gap, and how to drive prosperity for companies and communities alike. Born in Romania, raised in the Czech Republic, and living in and working remotely from Portugal, Cristina is a published book author, relentless innovator, and courageous reflective partner for entrepreneurs and corporate CEOs. She provides her services in English, French, Czech, and Romanian – her mother tongue.  

Andrea Zmelikova

mental trainer and coach

Andrea specializes in a unique combination of classical coaching and mental training. Her main focus is guiding top athletes and young talents to victories as well as on bringing balance to individuals' lives. She also focuses on enhancing personal performance, using the RCS methodology that is based on neuroscience insights.
Andrea is a multiple champion athlete of Slovakia and Czechoslovakia, and a holder of two Slovak national records (1 mile, 2000m). 

Ondrej Hrach

AI ligvist and AI popularizer

For the past 5 years, Ondrej has been working as a lingvist in the conversational AI field. He works for a company called PromethistAI - specifically, in an academic team 'Alquist' whose chatbots have been achieving success on a global scale. The company develops smart digital personas with focus on well-being. Besides that, Ondrej is a co-author of a successful educational project 'Aignos'. The mission of the project is spreading AI digital literacy.
Ondrej studied Translation & Interpreting at the Charles University in Prague. His PhD research was focused on machine translation from interdisciplinary perspectives. Last but not least, Ondrej is a glass-bottle musician and one of the members in a music band called Flaškinet.

Juraj Jonas

psychologist, researcher, developer

Juraj obtained a degree in Ethnology & Psychology at the Charles University in Prague and he used to work at the Institute of Ethnology - Czech Academy of Sciences. Currently, he works at the Czech National Institute of Public Health. His current job position is focused on research of cognitive functions, language psychology and cross-cultural psychology.

Zuzana Hanakova

Lecturer, coach and psychotherapist

Zuzana combines her experience of 15 years with her expertise from psychotherapeutic training at the Skaluv Institute and coaching training with Magdalena Vokacova. She often works with corporate clients on the topics of dissatisfaction in working relationships, conflicts, personal responsibility, and working with emotions. In private consultations, she likes to guide clients through the topic of inner attitudes, beliefs and their influence on our everyday life. In recent years she has focused on a deeper exploration of the ego and the principle of mirroring in relationships. She leads regular therapeutic sessions for women and occasionally gives lectures to the public, schools or companies.

Jiri Horacek

Neuroscientist, psychiatrist and psychotherapist

His research interests include the study of the therapeutic effect of psychedelics, schizophrenia research, theory of consciousness and the use of neuroimaging methods at the 3rd Faculty of Medicine of Charles University Prague and the National Institute of Mental Health. He is co-founder of the Psyon Clinic. Prof. Horacek is the implementer of the project "PSIKET002", which is financially supported by the Foundation for Psychedelics Research PSYRES. The study aims to help cancer patients with depression and palliative patients at the end of life, where psychedelics represent a quick relief from existential distress. 

Olga Zimmerman

psychologist, coach, facilitator

Olga is an organizational psychologist, business coach, soft-skills trainer and she also focuses on counselling in the mental health and well-being fields. She is fascinated with all sorts of topics, such as mindfulness, psychological safety at work and stress prevention based on mental resilience training. Her previous experience from multinational IT and telecommunications companies is something she integrates in the work she does now. She also uses Transactional Analysis methods and Experiential Learning. Olga has a Master's degreee in Social Psychology & Business Psychology, and she has also got a postgraduate diploma in Business Coaching at The International Centre for Business Coaching.

Martina Mikeskova

psychologist, lecturer

Martina got a degree n Psychology at the Charles University in Prague. She completed a psychoterapeutical training in Integrative Psychotherapy, meditation training and yoga teacher training. Her work is dedicated to personal development, psychological diagnostics and psychological counselling. Her minor work-related focus is also on Marketing and Human Resources. Last but not least, she is a teacher of Ethics, relaxation techniques and yoga for social-service workes.

Piotr Wardecki

Psychotherapist, supervisor, coach, theologian 

In addition to his private psychotherapy and supervision practice, Piotr works as a coach and is dedicated to accompanying managers and key staff in their professional growth. Recently, he has been working on issues related to helping victims of crime as well as offenders and their families. He has extensive personal experience in the spiritual field. In her practice she is not afraid to raise issues of faith, spirituality, meaning of life, psychospiritual crisis, etc. Among other things, he is dedicated to people who have lost their loved ones and cannot come to terms with their loss.

Zuzana Donathova

psychologist, physiotherapist, yoga teacher

Not only is Zuzana a psychologist and physiotherapist, she also works as a yoga teacher. After completing her studies at the Charles University in Prague, she gained experience in psychological and clinical diagnostics when she was working at the Military University Hospital in Prague. Zuzana's specialization is psychological counselling in the field of psychosomatics and she supports teams that combine the work of psychologists and physiotherapists. Besides all that, she also organizes seminars focused on personal development and burnout prevention. Zuzana went through a Crisis intervention training and she is the main guarantor of the 'Psychological Online Councelling' service in Soulmio.

Milan Pavlicek


Milan graduated from philosophy and positive psychology at Charles University, completed comprehensive psychotherapeutic training and works professionally mainly in the field of HR, psychotherapy and coaching.

He sees psychotherapy as a care of the soul, a way of growing and nurturing a happier and fuller life. His clients are both adults and adolescents. He enjoys working with the body, experiments and meditations.