Terms and conditions

1. These Terms and Conditions and the Complaints Policy govern all purchases of tickets for Mental Wellness Days events (hereinafter referred to as "Events") made through the website at www.mentalwellnessdays.com. By purchasing a ticket, the customer agrees to these Terms and Conditions and the Complaints Policy ("Terms and Conditions") and agrees to be bound by them.

2. The company Soulmio s.r.o. means Soulmio s.r.o., ICO: 09873163, VAT No. CZ09873163, with registered office at Bělehradská 858/23, Vinohrady, 120 00 Prague 2, registered in the Commercial Register kept by the Municipal Court in Prague, Section C, Insert 343864.

3. Soulmio s.r.o. is the organizer of the Event. The purchase of a ticket to the Event therefore creates a legal relationship between the customer who purchases the ticket and Soulmio s.r.o. as the organizer of the Event.

4. In connection with the entry to the Event, the Customer is obliged to comply with the rules set by Soulmio s.r.o. and to submit to the operating and visiting rules of the Event venue.

5. Soulmio s.r.o. reserves the right to change the program, date and venue of the Event. By purchasing a ticket, the customer acknowledges this right of Soulmio s.r.o..

6. Tickets for the Event are exclusively electronic. Soulmio s.r.o. strongly recommends that the purchased ticket for the Event is safely stored, not displayed or shown anywhere. By publishing the ticket publicly (e.g. on social networks, etc.), the customer exposes himself to the risk of misuse of the ticket, for which reason he may not be admitted to the Event.

Ticket purchase procedure

7. Customers can find out about the prices of individual types of tickets for the Event on the website at www.mentalwellnessdays.com.

8. When purchasing a ticket for the Event, the Customer is informed of the final price for the purchase of the ticket, including any related fees, after the Customer has completed the order form via the online interface available from www.mentalwellnessdays.com and confirmed this form using the "Buy Ticket" button.

9. Ticket payment is possible by bank transfer (with a maturity of 7 days) or by credit card.

10. After payment, the Event Ticket will be delivered to the Customer's email address provided by the Customer for this purpose at the time of purchase.

11. In accordance with the provisions of Section 1837(j) of Act No. 89/2012 Coll., the Civil Code, as amended (hereinafter referred to as the "Civil Code"), the customer is not entitled to withdraw from the purchase of the ticket in accordance with Section 1829 of the Civil Code (withdrawal within 14 days without giving a reason), since in this case it is a contract for the use of leisure time and the performance (participation in the Event, which the ticket entitles to) is provided at the specified date or time.

Complaints Procedure

12. All claims for tickets for the Event purchased via the website at www.mentalwellnessdays.com shall be governed by these Terms and Conditions.

13. Tickets purchased are non-exchangeable. In the event of a ticket being destroyed, lost or stolen, it will not be replaced and no refund will be given to the customer.

14. In the event that the Promotion is cancelled completely by Soulmio s.r.o., the customer who has provided Soulmio s.r.o. with their contact details (email, postal address, telephone, etc.) will be notified via that contact that the Promotion is cancelled. However, Soulmio s.r.o. will not be liable to the customer if the customer cannot be reached in time via this contact or if the customer receives a timely notice of cancellation of the Promotion sent late.

15. If the Promotion is cancelled in full by Soulmio s.r.o., Soulmio s.r.o. will only refund the entry fee up to the amount of funds spent by the customer to purchase the ticket, including any associated fees.

16. for the purpose of refunding the admission fee in the event of cancellation of the Promotion, Soulmio s.r.o. will promptly send the Customer a form to complete for the purpose of refunding the admission fee. The Entry Fee will be refunded to the Customer by bank transfer to the account notified in writing by the Customer for this purpose.

17. Any claims other than those based on the fact that the Event has been completely cancelled by the Promoter will be handled by Soulmio s.r.o. according to their nature and in accordance with the Civil Code.

18. All complaints and any questions must be delivered without undue delay by e-mail to Soulmio s.r.o. at the following e-mail address: info@mentalwellnessdays.com. The customer is entitled to make a claim and exercise his/her legal rights from defective performance within twenty-four (24) months of receipt of the tickets. At the same time, the customer is obliged to notify Soulmio s.r.o. of the defect detected without undue delay after it could have been detected by timely inspection and sufficient care, otherwise the court will not grant the right of defective performance.

19. If the defect is remediable, the customer may demand the repair or completion of what is missing or a reasonable reduction of the price. If the defect cannot be remedied and the ticket cannot be used for it, the customer may either withdraw from the contract or claim a reasonable discount on the price. Anyone who has a right under the preceding sentence shall also be entitled to reimbursement of the costs reasonably incurred in exercising that right. However, if the customer does not exercise the right to compensation within one month after the expiry of the period within which the defect must be brought to his attention, the court shall not grant him the right if Soulmio s.r.o. argues that the right to compensation was not exercised in time.

Protection of personal data

20. Soulmio s.r.o. acts as the controller of the personal data of the users of the www.mentalwellnessdays.com website. Further information on the processing of personal data by the company is contained in the document "Privacy Policy", which is available on the website: www.mentalwellnessdays.com.

Common and final provisions

21. In the event that any of the provisions of these Terms and Conditions and the Complaints Procedure are found to be invalid or ineffective, the validity and effectiveness of the other provisions shall remain unaffected.

22. In the event that a consumer dispute arises between Soulmio s.r.o. and a customer who is a consumer in connection with the purchase of a ticket to the Event or in connection with the holding or conduct of the Event, which cannot be resolved by mutual agreement between that customer and Soulmio s.r.o, the Customer may submit a proposal for out-of-court resolution of such dispute to the designated entity for out-of-court resolution of consumer disputes, which is the Czech Trade Inspection Authority, Central Inspectorate - ADR Department, Štěpánská 15, 120 00 Prague 2, e-mail: adr@coi.cz, website: http://adr.coi.cz.

The customer may also use the online dispute resolution platform set up by the European Commission at http://ec.europa.eu/consumers/odr/.

23. Soulmio s.r.o. reserves the right to modify and/or update these Terms and Conditions at any time.

24. These Terms and Conditions shall come into force and effect on August 14, 2022.

In Prague on August 14, 2022.

Soulmio s.r.o.